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Soft Craters

by Trapper Robbins

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Helpless aching by the river Lips emerging to forgive her Eyes enlarging from a glimmer I don’t know how she gets back from here Children wander on the glacier Giants lurking in the vapor Spirits pressing for a favor I don’t know how they get back from here Ugly scar across the cheek Victim safely in the deep Demons hear but never speak I don’t know how he gets back from here Helmets scrape across the ceiling Crew revived but never healing Ruthless journey past the screaming I don’t know how we get back from here I don’t know how to get back from here...
Soft Craters 04:41
Deep Sky 03:06
Deep Sky Wrapping your stars around me Deep Sky Dark Sky Draping your cool above me Dark Sky Deep Night Warping my time forever Deep Night Dark Night Hammer my hopes together Dark Night Slight derangement, disentranced Huddle for the chance to be Assigned to lead the charge Redesigned and re-enlarged Wishing waiting wanting rest Absolve us now and we will all Confess to be impaired Depressing to be so ensnared Clear Sky Awaken us with a whisper Clear Sky Deep Sky Deliver us with a shiver Deep Sky
Slow Down 04:20
Slow down Everything can be renewed Slow down Everyone can be subdued Slow down Secret locked behind the veil Slow down Slip beneath the howling gale Slow down Slow down Drift away in blissful loss Slow down Hibernate beneath the moss Slow down Everything can be postponed Slow down Everyone can be disowned Slow down
Half Human 02:24
Just a little bit of silence Just a little bit of silence, Just a little bit alone Just a little bit of silence Just a little bit of silence Holding hands among the rubble Breaking twilight evermore Brandishing your tarnished dagger Half-heroic like before Voices drift beyond the tundra Heed them when you understand Silence beckons, mercy granted Through the rubble, holding hands Just a little bit of silence Just a little bit of silence, Just a little bit alone Just a little bit of silence Just a little bit of silence
Late tonight the colors roam The ocean bleeds with lime and chrome The creatures drift, the heavens twist This reckless rift is left alone Vast mosaic unenclosed Fertile framework predisposed Strident shapes with no escape Timeworn yearning captured in the fold Anything you need Everyone you love Everything you want It’s all right here; all right here Anything you need Everyone you love Everything you want It’s all right here; all right here Primal teeth, offshore eyes Fortunes stray behind the tide Buoyant warning to the wise It’s all right here Phantom rock, throttled gray Broken currents lead astray Lavish treasure on display All right here
This Place 02:14
It’s hard to say goodbye You’d think that by now I’d adjust Maybe I’ll be back To this place that I love It’s mostly just a matter of trust Dreams may fade Friends can, too (But) mountains and seas will draw me through People are strong But people are wrong It’s all just a matter of trust


Soft Craters is built around strong rock themes scattered with fusion, funk, and bold lyrical imagery all laid over a bed of captivating keyboard grooves.

Trapper wrote these songs last fall while living on an artist residency in the Snæfellsnes Peninsula of western Iceland. This collection, Trapper’s 10th album, captures a glimpse into the stories and secrets that dwell among the glacier-fed moss-draped craters on these coastal lava beds. Natural insights and inspirations infused with the passion of the ancient sagas and the vibrant creativity of the modern Icelandic cultural scene.

Sometimes peaceful, sometimes astonishing, sometime scary; predictive and restful but also energetic and startling; and requiring your immediate and ongoing attention. Unexpected nuances that make total sense in the moment. These songs ask more questions than they answer.

Written & Recorded in Hellissandur, Iceland
Mastered & Produced in Seattle, USA

Special Thanks: I am grateful to Hvítahús Artist Residency in Iceland for providing housing and studio space on this inspirational and fulfilling residency.

Benefit: All 2019 proceeds from this album will be donated to Icelandic arts, culture, and environmental organizations.

(c) 2019 Trapper Robbins. www.RandomHandful.com


released April 6, 2019




Trapper Robbins Seattle, Washington

Creative song structure, absorbing vocals, distinctive elements of indie fusion, compelling down-temp grooves.

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